Ripple Dot Zero – Deleted Music

Ripple Dot Zero have been ongoing for about three years now, and the music has been iterated back and forth all that time. There is so much recorded music that won’t make it into the final game, so I thought that it would be a good idea to release some of it. Music has always been an intergral part of the Ripple Dot Zero project, since the video game music of the early 90s is part of the soundtrack of our lives. I remember plugging in a RCA cable to the Mega Drive making mix tapes, a bit embarassed that I never got what Oasis was all about.

Well, here’s the link:




  1. Namworth says:

    Thank you! Even if it got scrapped, this music is pretty dang awesome! I totally downloaded it. I’m still ever patience, waiting for the game’s full release. Can’t wait to see how much the music changes!

  2. Nook says:

    Wuut!? Jet Stream won’t make it into the game?? That’s like the most awesomest tune I’ve ever heard ever.

  3. Rei says:

    man i wish y’all had the whole soundtrack download for free! Still, AWESOME GAME BROS!

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