Ripple Dot Zero is a classic action platformer heavily influenced by the aestethics of the 16-bit era of the early 90′s. It is available to play for free at

The game features 20 Levels of running, bouncing, slashing and Gyro-Blade-throwing, set to the slick beats of an original soundtrack of pure fm-funk schmaltz. Even the sound effects where made with FM-synthesis to give the game that sharp sting of early 90′s gaming.



The people behind the game:

Tommy Salomonsson
Developer with a thing for trackball pointer devices. Did game designs on napkins as a nine-year old. Is very passionate about programming and anything with two dimensions. Works by day at the swedish web (and mobile app) technology agency Isotop. Developing games at night.
Personal website at

Simon Stålenhag
Artist and video game composer. Is an obsessive painter of robots and dinosaurs in mundane settings. Last seen on TV: did the background paintings for oscar-winning “Searching For Sugarman” and the nintendoesque soundtrack to the 8-bit episode of  NBC comedy series “Community“.
Personal website at


Nils Flodin
Very kindly offered his spare time to help us out with some of the menu screens in Ripple Dot Zero. Fellow developer of Tommy at Isotop. Has our greatest gratitude.

Together we did the monochrome skill game “Metro Siberia” which has as of 2013 been played over 9 million times online.



Click on a picture to see it in full size.



Vintage Advert 1


Vintage Advert 2



Vintage Advert 3



Ingame screen shot 1


Ingame screen shot 2


Ingame screen shot 3


Ingame screen shot 4


Hi res Vintage Advert 1 (No Text)


Hi res Advert 2 (No text)

Hi res Vintage Advert 2 (No text)


Hi res Vintage Advert Ripple

Hi res Vintage Advert Ripple

Logo Alpha

Logo Alpha


  1. Things says:

    Will you be releasing this game as a standalone download?

  2. Gzegzolka says:

    Good question :) I’m sure people would like to have it standalone, maybe with few more levels, maybe for some small amount of money. This game could be fun to play on vita or mobile phones :)

  3. Want says:

    Please release on PC as a standalone. I really want to own it.

  4. Christian says:

    RDZ is fantastic. I’d pay top dollar for a non-flash version with 16:9 support!

  5. ShinZo says:

    Incredible Game!!!! Flash got some performace issure in some cases. PLEASE release as Standalone!!!

  6. Pavel says:

    Rippledotcom is an incredible game, as well, as Simon’s paintings are! Big up guys, u r great!!!

  7. rei says:

    Real cool game! keep it up! standalone/mobile game wuld be super cool! pz!

  8. Josh says:

    Outstanding job on the design, gameplay, music, SFX, everything. Extremely inspiring! Starting to get my feet wet in Unity.

  9. Tommislav says:

    Thanks. We’re always happy when we manage to inspire others! Good luck with Unity, maybe you will inspire us some day!

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