Cabin Fever!

This weekend me and Simon had a mini-camp dedicated to Ripple development.
We shut ourselves inside Simons country cabin with our computers, and had a very productive time. Here are a few photos from the event.


As we arrived to Simon's cottage the rain was pouring. Excellent programming weather!


Simon is composing a few new musical pieces for the final boss battle.


Nutritious dinner!

Simon is taking a break from the usual pixel-pushing and is making a big ripple painting for the launch.

Simon is taking a break from the usual pixel-pushing and is making a big ripple painting for the launch.

Taking a break down by the lake.

Taking a break down by the lake. Clearing our heads by doing some fishing. Tommy catched two!.

Second day. Rain is still pouring, but creativity is high. Promo and boss dev seen on the screens.

Second day. Rain is still pouring, but creativity is high. Simon is working on another painting and Tommy is tweaking the final boss.

Making more instant coffe

Late night demands a lot of instant coffe

Thats all for now. Come back soon, more info about the game is coming up.
See you next time!

Ripple Dot Zero – Deleted Music

Ripple Dot Zero have been ongoing for about three years now, and the music has been iterated back and forth all that time. There is so much recorded music that won’t make it into the final game, so I thought that it would be a good idea to release some of it. Music has always been an intergral part of the Ripple Dot Zero project, since the video game music of the early 90s is part of the soundtrack of our lives. I remember plugging in a RCA cable to the Mega Drive making mix tapes, a bit embarassed that I never got what Oasis was all about.

Well, here’s the link:



Sneaky peeky

There’s a paparazzo in Simon’s apartment!
As Simon is playing through one of the levels in Ripple Dot Zero I’m taking the opportunity to document it with my mobile camera. Well… it’s been a long day of development today =)

Lets call it a sneaky preview or something, and remember that both the game and the level is under development. Nor does the chaotic desktop and foul looking dude in front of the monitor represent Pixeltruss Inc. or any of it’s affiliates.


ScreenShot Saturday

Here is a screenshot from Ripple Dot Zero, which we have posted to #ScreenShotSaturday on Twitter.

Click to enlarge:

Metro Siberia Beatbox

I just found this video on Youtube. Someone is beatboxing to the soundtrack of Metro Siberia (the first game released by Simon and myself, the original score was composed by Simon).

Awesome! =D
(P.S. You can play Metro Siberia here)

Saturday coding fever!


Today the full team gathered at Simon’s place for a full day of Ripple Dot Zero development.
I’m really excited, we have some really cool stuff in todays pipeline.
For your pleasure – here is a picture of the Pixeltruss team!


Bice Courves


Title Card from Ripple Dot Zero

Nice title card in place, but we might want to change the name of the level ;-D

Developer Diary – second and third quarter 2010

Just a few words about the progress of Ripple Dot Zero, the project is still very much alive! We will probably start working more actively with this blog as we get closer to completion. Right now we are spending a lot of time on the game, and it is starting to look really nice.

Backlog and expected delivery

(each column is one month, green=complete, red=not started, yellow=in progress).

Starting a few months back, we actually are trying to work toward some kind of deadline. At least we have defined all outstanding tasks and put them into month-long “sprints”. It is very hard to stick to this time plan since we are all working on this project on our free time, but at least we now have a good overview of how we are getting closer to completion.
If we manage to stick to this plan, it looks like the game will be ready to ship by march 2011!


I turned 30 last Friday, and was surprised by my colleagues with a cake which had frosting with LOLCODE-greeting on it!
I am childishly fond of this programming language ever since I found out about it a few weeks ago (late as usual)! In case you haven’t heard about it before – make sure to check it out

Thanks a lot all of you at isotop. You really made my day =D

Developer diary: First quarter 2010


Some times things just don’t work out the way you planned it. With games it is very difficult to know how much fun a new feature will add, you can only guess, imagine, implement and see. Most often you do this in the experimental phase before you write the real game engine (this is called prototyping), but since we’ve worked on this title for more than two years now almost everything from our prototype has been replaced. Continue Reading »Developer diary: First quarter 2010