Pixeltruss is here!

Welcome to our brand new blog, and the very first post. This will be a brief introduction to who we are, what we do, and why. Lets take it in that order.

Who are / what is Pixeltruss?

Pixeltruss currently consits of two people:

Tommy Salomonsson (programmer, kind-of-project lead), and
Simon Stålenhag (artist, musician, creative mind).

Together we have been making games together for almost three years now, and as we are getting close to the release of a new game (that has been in production for 1½ years now) we realized that we needed a brand where our collaborations could be published.

What do we do?

We make high quality flash games.

Our goal is to make games in flash that don’t feel like “flash”. Flash is a really great way to distribute games worldwide to a large audience (although its general reputation as gaming platform is a bit low, in my oppinion). It is also a great development tool for a small non-profit team since there are free open-source alternatives for the development (the flexSDK, flashDevelop and so on).


Why do we do it?
We do it because we love games! It’s our passion!

This blog

And as we now have the pixeltruss domain as a common forum, this blog will be about the games we develop. It will be about our thoughts on game design, game programming, sprites, game sfx… you name it!

It will not be about what we had for dinner, or fashion ;-)

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