Sneaky peeky

There’s a paparazzo in Simon’s apartment!
As Simon is playing through one of the levels in Ripple Dot Zero I’m taking the opportunity to document it with my mobile camera. Well… it’s been a long day of development today =)

Lets call it a sneaky preview or something, and remember that both the game and the level is under development. Nor does the chaotic desktop and foul looking dude in front of the monitor represent Pixeltruss Inc. or any of it’s affiliates.



  1. Namworth says:

    Ooooh thats sooo neat. Love the music from what I can hear.

  2. Emilio Saffi says:

    fan grabbar hur går de me spelet? har väntat ett tag på de nu ;). såg iaf att ni köpt domän, hoppas simon tkr att d e okej ;) haha

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