To people hosting Ripple Dot Zero!

This is a message to all portal owners or people that are hosting Ripple Dot Zero on their servers.

Mochi Media is winding down, and their servers will shut down on March 31. This will affect Ripple Dot Zero!

If you are hosting Ripple Dot Zero on your site, and the game isn’t working anymore you need to replace the link to the old game with this one:¬† or download and replace the swf (we have zipped a package for you here:

Read more if you want some more in-depth information about why this update is nessecary

Mochi Media has offered several great services for developers who want to be able to release games for free, so the fact that they are now shutting down is affecting us in several aspects.

First of all they have hosted all our files. The game consists of about 20 levels, each around 3-4 mb. When Ripple Peaked we had over 100,000 players each day. Not having to worry about bandwidth at that time was a huge relief. The game does have a fallback system, so if Mochis servers would go down it will try to download from other servers that we have direct control over. However, a lot of portals are linking the actual game (swf-file) from mochis servers. These will stop working the moment their servers go black.

Second: Mochi had a very impressive method for handling updates for the game.
But as their servers go down, if you are hosting a copy of the game, it will be reverted back to the very first version ever submitted. We’ve done a few bugfixes since then, and several updates to the levels.

They also offered adverts and analytics, which I’ve replaced as well. But hosting and versioning were the main parts that will break the game on March 31.

I have a list of hostnames that host Ripple Dot Zero, but it’s over 100. And I don’t have any way to contact all of them, so Ripple will probably be broken on several sites. If you notice this somewhere, please try to contact the site owner with this link.



  1. Fan says:

    Hello, I would like to know if there’s a way to download Ripple Dot Zero to play offline, since I dont have a good internet.

  2. Tommislav says:

    Hi. I’m sorry to hear about this. We currently have no version that works offline. This is something we might look at in the future, but no concrete plans right now.

  3. Fan says:

    Thanks for answering. I hope it can be done one day since RDZ is a great game.

  4. Does Pixeltruss plan on making other games? If so, us internet folks would like to know.

  5. Aestus says:

    I’m also on a poor connection, and would be very pleased to see an offline version. I can’t even get it to load, it stalls not far in and doesn’t try to reconnect or resume. At the least making the loading a little more tolerant of unstable connections by making it resume when dropped would be helpful. It would still be far better though to get an offline version

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