Ripple Dot Zero is live!

Today we are proud to announce that our heroic penguin, Ripple Dot Zero, has finally escaped the cage of our local developer hard drives and is now trying out his tiny wings out in the real, wide world. Will he make it? That is up to you!

Head over to and give it a go.
Who said Penguins can’t fly?
Enjoy the game, and feel free to let us know what you think about it by dropping us a line at (

//Tommy & Simon

Ripple Dot Zero




  1. ivan says:

    Great game so far.

  2. Tommislav says:

    Glad you liked it =D

  3. Gzegzolka says:

    Great game, I have just finished it :) and I’m going to play again, this time save all penguins :)

  4. Seraphita says:

    Awesome job!
    Some Metroid and Sonic feel love it :3
    Standalone zip? :p

  5. Kokonoe says:

    Loved it, honestly quite surprised at how polished it is. I look forward to more of this game in the future.

  6. Elias says:

    Ripple for president!

  7. Andre Nekoi says:

    Loved the game, i would pay for it on Steam. Please consider releasing it in there.

  8. n says:

    how about put it on wii u

  9. Gzegzolka says:

    Okay, all penguins are safe for now :) Now time for summary. Great game as I said, it got that Sonic style mixed with MegaMan and different Amiga games. I wish there were more levels, the ones that are already inside are awesome – I love exploration, secrets and small boss fights. Fact there is no time counter is also good, there is no need to hurry. Just like in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 player can play game as he want, some will slow explore every corner, while other ones will rush to exit. Both ways give a lot of joy. I wish game got more plot (more stuff to read, maybe small talk with other saved penguins or with bosses or other characters), like those tutorial floating PDA’s at first level, it would be nice if there was those PDA’s hidden in secret places (more stuff like that pipe on first level :) ). I wish to learn more about who am I, what is this place, story of Earth, and who is boss.

    Graphic is very well done, background are very moody – I wish to have wallpaper with those vistas on my OS. If I could change anything – make those “pills” outstanding from backgrounds, sometimes it is hard to notice them. Also spikes on desert could be more colourful for better visibility. Main hero could have some IDLE animation (now he stand still and even do not breathing), like when he standing and not moving he could try to do something – check his shoes, check his sword or do something else with his hands. Neon title on first level could be bigger. On last level there could be more decorations like fuel pipes and emergency lights.
    Music is awesome :) love sfx and sounds, reminds me a lot of amiga games I used to play as a child :)

  10. Rm88 says:

    Fantastic 2D platformer! I’d be willing to buy this on Steam / 3DS / PSN / etc.

  11. Jason says:

    Amazing game! Hands down one of the best indie platformers I’ve ever played and the greatest flash game I’ve played since Gamma Bros. I honestly feel bad playing this for free. Do yourselves a favor and start a Steam greenlight with built-in gamepad support and I will definitely purchase. Also, any tips on getting Zero Dot Three? I can’t seem to reach the last platforms unless I’m missing a jetpack somewhere.

  12. Jocke says:

    Great game guys! Put it on greenlight so that I can buy it from you :)

  13. Namworth says:

    Worth the two and half year wait!

  14. Paul says:

    Great game guys! Reached the end and then went back to get all 8 penguins. I loved how the bonus levels changed up the pace, encouraging perfection to be cast aside in favour of speed and efficiency.

    I’d go back to hunt down all five stars, but can you confirm if this is actually possible? On some levels (the first two secret levels spring to mind specifically) I can get 100% items, kill all enemies and still only get 4 stars. By contrast, some of the terrarium levels were willing to hand out 5 stars with a score below 80%.

    Ran into a few bugs near the end (instant death holes in the walls at the edges of the sky levels, and glitches if you use the jetpack to climb atop trees in the terrarium) and also discovered what appeared to be an entire abandoned level! Found that to be a neat easter egg. Hint: Free all 8 penguins and find the secret sky stage.

    Had heaps of fun, great blast back to the 90s (music was fantastic) and should a sequel or expanded version ever appear at retail, I’d pick up a copy.

  15. chelovekbeznika says:

    Reminds me one old game from genesis: gunstar heroes (thankfully to music).

  16. devnewton says:

    Very good game!

    Is there a way to play in fullscreen ? Is gamepad support possible?

  17. Tommislav says:

    Fullscreen is only possible if playing on and if you have flash player version 11.3 or higher. In that case just press the F-button. Gamepad can be used using software like joy2key.

  18. Tommislav says:

    There was actually a bug in the rating system that has now been solved and uploaded. It is now possible to get 5 stars on every level =)

  19. Tony Shong says:

    Wow~~ This is surely the BEST platform game I have ever played in 2013!!! Great work Pixeltruss! It definitely reminds me of “SONIC the hedgedog” & “Donkey Kong County”, and I really love the retro music BTW :D

    I noticed that fullscreen mode cannot be activated on IE10 when pressing F on official website (, but it works superbly when I use Chrome or running the main SWF file in Flash Player (11.3 +) locally with perfect keybord input! Wondering if a fullsreen button instead of keyboard event can function properly when running a SWF file in a IE.

    Also I think you guys should be using “stage.fullScreenSourceRect” as the EPIC hardware accelerated fullscreen mode. This is a awesome API added to AS3 in 2006 but seems very few gamer has implimented it into Flash games ;)

  20. Tommislav says:

    Thanks a lot. Will look into why F doesn’t work in IE. And we’re actually already using the fullscreenSourceRect. So fullscreen is hardware accelerated =D

  21. Damderiam says:

    I’ve got a question. How is it that a game that apparently took five years to make is free? This game is super high quality and clearly took many hours to finish, yet you charge nothing for it. Are you guys rich or something?

  22. Anonymous Poster says:

    I’d love to have the soundtrack to this game. :)

  23. Tommislav says:

    Glad you like it! The soundtrack can be bought from our shop

  24. Jay says:

    Holy crap, this is amazing, captures the feeling of 90s platformers perfectly, amazing music, terrific design, always rewarding you with new things. I finished the frist 3 levels, this is great, you should consider making another game or an upgraded version and putting on steam greenlight or kickstarter or something!! Also is there a download link for it?

  25. Dentorhedge says:

    Very nice, with detailed art, and plenty of action. It Plays a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog with weapons and power-ups but it feels clunky to me. By clunky I mean lots of little bits and pieces incoherently put together. For example the jetpack is cool, but you can’t jump up through many bricks, so it doesn’t help much accept being cool, and possibly helping to collect pills. The pill system is neat, but to be a good scavenger and collect those pills you have to beat the level more slowly- going against the speed bonus you get. The levels branch out into two tuns of paths that you have to be very careful not to fall off, but if you do you have to go back and around on platforms made for going the other way to get back onto that path where you were, or hope an upcoming booster sets you on the same path. The first boss you meet only has one attack and feels like not much thought was put into it- and the save points do not refill your health entirely. The creator included quite a few things into this game, but I believe it would be much better if made simpler. It is just like that first game we’ve all wanted to make with everything about gaming we love in it. I wish this developer the best, he’s got the stuff.

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