Mochi Media is going dark on March 31


At the time of writing this blog post you will see the above warning when loading Ripple Dot Zero.

This is because the company Mochi Media is shutting down. They have been providing several very useful (and free) services for flash games during the years and Ripple Dot Zero uses several of them, such as Ads, Analytics, Version handling and Hosting.

Ever since I got to know about this we’ve been working on an update to fix this before the mochi servers are taken down (which they will on March 31).

To portals or people hosting our game:
There are too many hosts, I will not be able to contact all of you with the new version (once it’s done). Instructions on how to host the new version will be available on this site.

To players:
You will be able to continue to play Ripple for free on Always.
If you play the game on a portal or site after March 31 and it doesn’t work, please email that site owner and redirect them to this site where there will be instructions on how to get a working version of the game up and running on their site agan.

To Mochi Media:
Thank you so much for all this time. Your services has meant a lot to people like me, building free flash games.
It really feels like you going marks the end of an era that I have enjoyed so much.
I whish you all the best in the future.


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