Looking back at 2009

We are just a few hours away from a new decade, so I thought I would write a quick post about what has happened in the last year.
I will not share any new content from the game, but I promise we will in a very short while. We are constantly making new progress with Ripple Dot Zero, but that will be in its own post =)


Even though I have been working with Simon on game development for more than three years, it was in august this year that we founded the brand Pixeltruss.
Coming up with a name that both me and Simon liked turned out to be much more difficult than we could have imagined – but the moment we came up with the suggestion for the current name we were both instantly hooked.
Why are we so excited about this kind of structure? well – that will maybe be in a post of its own someday =D

Ripple Dot Zero

I started writing the very first line of code for this project in Feburary 2008, and that was for our in-house level editor “saled”. It was however this October that we for the first time showed off a gameplay video of our project over at indiegames.com. We got lots of great feedback that we are very thankful for.

Third member

This year we managed to recruit a third member to our team – Nils – who is currently doing a great work with programming menus, startscreens and gui-related stuff.

Sonic 2 HD

sonic 2 hd
My baby brother is working as lead programmer on the s2hd-project, which got a lot of press recognition in the Swedish game magazine “Level” in February this year – which was really fun for me (although the gave him the wrong name in the article – bastards).
LOst is actually the reason how I met with Simon, and he will be listed in the credits for Ripple Dot Zero as “Technical Advisor”!

Top Games of 2009

Well – it seems like everyone needs one, so this is my personal list of my favorite games of 2009

1. New Super Mario Bros WII
I really love this game! I can play the levels over and over and they are still as fun!
Never before has multiplayer co-op been so fun. I really hope this will bring a revival of 2d-platformers to the console market. The genre is not dead!

2. Runman: Race around the world
Indie game of the year without a doubt. The charming graphics, the lovely soundtrack and the crazy speed.
If you haven’t played this yet then you need to try it out right away.

3. Mirrors Edge 2d
Brad Bourne showed the world how good he was at creating platform games (with incredible controls) with the fancy pants series, but with Mirrors Edge 2d he really got me. IMHO the flash version exceeds the real game by far!
Kudos to you Brad!!! Looking forward to Fancy Pants 3.

4. Machinarium
Amanita Design has raised the bar for quality flash games. The game is absolutely stunning, and is even listed in a lot of top lists of non-indie games.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you have missed one of this years biggest indie-titles!

Looking ahead

The future of the video game industry is looking very exciting, and theres no doubt that the indie scene will be a big part of it. The last couple of years has given us some truly amazing games through the indie scene (Braid e.g.). So I’m holding my breath and hoping for a killer 2010!
Four our own part we will continue working on Ripple Dot Zero – and post more updates about it here (soon – I promise).

So now I just want to wish you all a Happy new year! Make sure not to blow up your fingers (as a programmer they are very valuable, but I guess they are valuable to everyone =D).
/Tommy Salomonsson

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