We love making games!
We sincerely hope you enjoy playing them at least nearly as much as we enjoy making them.

We have (at least so far) released all our games for free, because we want as many as possible to be able to play them.

We always try to keep the production cost down as much as we can, but we cannot avoid expenses all together. Tools, hosting, version control – and sometimes special equipment – are things that we currently pay with our own money. We have a tiny advert as the game starts, and that barely covers it right now.


If you like what we do, then feel free to support us!

  • We have a paypal account where you can contribute to our future productions and our running expenses, see button below
  • If you have a Flattr-account you can support us by clicking the flattr button to the right of this page
  • Buy some of our really cool stickers, t-shirts or postcards from our shop. A small amount of what you pay will go back to us
  • Or you can just spread the word about us and our games

Whatever support you are willing to give us we will be forever grateful!

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  1. Herbert says:


    das ist wirklich ein super Game, schade das man es nicht irgendwie erwerben kann. Aber ansonsten gefaällt es mir sehr, sehr, sehr gut. Da ist alles drin was ein gutes Game ausmacht. *****

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen (Best regards)

    Herbert G.

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