Developer Diary – second and third quarter 2010

Just a few words about the progress of Ripple Dot Zero, the project is still very much alive! We will probably start working more actively with this blog as we get closer to completion. Right now we are spending a lot of time on the game, and it is starting to look really nice.

Backlog and expected delivery

(each column is one month, green=complete, red=not started, yellow=in progress).

Starting a few months back, we actually are trying to work toward some kind of deadline. At least we have defined all outstanding tasks and put them into month-long “sprints”. It is very hard to stick to this time plan since we are all working on this project on our free time, but at least we now have a good overview of how we are getting closer to completion.
If we manage to stick to this plan, it looks like the game will be ready to ship by march 2011!

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