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  1. Joseph Pantaleo says:


  2. Nikos says:

    Kick ass game! Many congrats!!!! :)

  3. SeigneurRuei says:

    I would gladly pay 20$ if this was released on steam with plug&play gamepad 8O

  4. Matt McNeely says:

    Boy, this game really blew me away. The first time I stepped into that parallax scrolling future vista, I couldn’t help myself from letting out a “Wow!” Played it all the way through in one sitting and I might just have to do it again to rescue all the ripples. Can’t wait to see what Pixeltruss has in store for the future!

  5. Kermit says:

    You should port this game to the OUYA this game is amazing I’ll buy it for sure on the console. This take me back to the past where games where good and well made.

  6. White Whale says:

    Ripple Dot Zero… is so good! Took me back in all the right ways. Would definitely buy on Steam.

    One thing, I want to buy the soundtrack REALLY badly; however the Amazon link won’t sell the MP3s outside the US. (I am in Canada) There must be a way to make this available!

  7. Zak says:

    Oh. My. Shit. This is amazing in every way.

  8. Tommislav says:

    We noticed that as well =/ We have a shop now which links to cdbaby where you can buy the soundtrack even if you are outside of US.

  9. rory says:

    Ripple Dot Zero is quite possibly one of the best games I’ve played since my first runthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog at the age of 4. This is what games should be. This is exactly what they should be.

  10. Koshmaar says:

    Very nice game, awesome visuals and polish, visible eye for details.

  11. Zeromant says:

    Really great for a free game!

    As I am soemeone who tries to reach perfect scores (at least, when I like a game that much), there are a few things which frustrate me, even though I managed to achieve 5 stars in each level, (probably) including every hidden area (4, right? …RIGHT?) and freed all ripples.

    Lab Area 1: To get 100%, you need to find a pick-up that is hidden in a way which, as far as I can tell, requires you to hack at every wall in that level until you find it, without a way to even know it’s there (other than the missing %). That is unneccessarily annoying.

    Oxygen Plants 2: To get 100% here without playing other levels first (to free all ripples to get the permanent jetpack) is either impossible, or unbelievably hard. It seems the only way to get 100% is to leave the level through the alternate exit, but I cannot find a way back there without permanent jetpack, although I got tantalizingly close several times. One of the following three things is true, and each of them is unsatisfying:
    1. You just need the permanent jetpack first.
    2. There is a way back without it which I was unable to find, even though I tried everything I could for hours.
    3. There is a way to find the secret leading to the exit without becoming trapped in the exit area. Once again, I spent way too much time looking for such a way.

    Terrarium Area 1: Seems to pose the same problem as Lab Area 1. I was first stuck on 99% with 519 pick-ups, then finally discovered 2 more hidden in a hard-to-access place (in the wall next to a bumper, where you have to miss it unless you expect it to be there and jump a little over the bumper into the wall first). Now, with 521 pick-ups, I’m still stuck at 99%, after having searched everything, including the outer area only accessible with the permanent jetpack. That sucks. Either 100% are too hard too achieve, or unachievable (which would be worse, of course).

    Terrarium Area 2: This is the most frustrating level by far for me. I got 5 stars with 81% pickups – but 81%? I can spot an area containing more pickups to the right of the main exit, but find myself unable to get there, even with the permanent jetpack, although I tried everything I can think of. What’s the deal here?

    A related small gripe: With the permanent jetpack you can explore additional areas in most levels – certainly a nice bonus. However, they seem half-developed, their structure making no sense (sometimes the same graphical objects are solid to you, sometimes they’re not), offering islands of half-hearted platforming in a sea of nothing sprinkled with background graphics; as far as I can tell getting you nowhere in the sense of achieving or finding something, other than sometimes providing extra shortcuts to the main route. I really expected a few nice easter eggs in that space; and later, when I ran out of options to achieve 100% in the Terrarium levels, turned towards it in hope of a hidden solution; but if there is, it is hidden way too well.

    Of course, it does your game a lot of credit that I felt compelled to search for perfection so long, but unfortunately, it has now crossed over from fun to frustration. Please tell me what I overlooked (if I did), or explain where I expect too much of a free game!

  12. hichem says:

    Thank you, this is my favorit 2d game.

  13. Tommislav says:

    Hi Zeromant.
    I have to say that I’m very impressed. I never thought anyone would ever try to get 100% on every level. And because of that I’m afraid that 100% might be unreachable in some levels. At least without the white jetpack, but might even be unreachable even if you have it.
    Pills might mistakenly have been left underneath obstacles (like you mentioned yourself) or in parts of the level that has later been made unreachable. Thats the downside with levels this big, five years of development, and only two guys to test it…

    About the star rating system: it isn’t very obvious, but filling up the bonus counter will get you max rating for the pills (on levels without bonus counter, such as tutorial level, you’ll need 80%).

    I’m very flattered that you liked the game so much, and I’m sorry for the frustration trying to get perfect score.

  14. jake M says:

    Hey this game is amazing!!! Although I think like a lot of folks here, I wish it were on… something else. Especially in my case for the iphone or something so I could play it on long bus trips or elsewhere! Really top notch stuff.

  15. Claes_med_k says:

    Riktigt bra spel! Tackar!

  16. Garrett Williamson says:

    I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for making an absolutely outstanding game.

    But it’s so short. And I understand much of this is because it’s such a small crew just messing around and making a little game, but this game now has so much potential to be a bigger game. I’d love to see this as something I could download on a game console.

    The colors are just beautiful, the mechanics are amazing, glitches are few, layout and design is just lovely, and good lord. The soundtrack has got some of the greatest music I have ever heard for any game, ever.

    You guys nailed it. Can’t wait to see something else you guys do. I’d love to see more Ripple Dot Zero, for sure. Really amazing game.

  17. Spiney says:

    Ripple Dot Zero is AMAZING!
    I wonder though, is it possible to have a 60FPS version?
    Right now the framerate makes things a little jerky, which is a shame!

  18. Mihkel says:

    Got stuck in room near the beginning of game:

    Also I think that these 2 things are related somehow.

  19. Paul Bethers says:

    I can hardly exaggerate how impressed I am with Ripple Dot Zero. The art and music are truly exceptional, and the game is supremely fun to play. I’m sure you guys don’t need us telling you what makes your game such a remarkable achievement, but… I felt like telling you anyway. It’s a triumph, and I can’t wait to see what you create next!

  20. Anthony says:

    Having trouble mapping my usb logitech dual action to the game. I saw in your blog that you mapped it somehow to an nes controller, but I just don’t know how to do that. Any help? Excellent game, btw, I have shared it with my friends.

  21. Eduardo Cezar says:

    Hi Pixeltruss.
    I really like your game, it’s an amazing work of art struggling to be known, however the hosting site Mogi Media is sending off a message about how it’s going out of business, and then I won’t be able to play as Ripple Dot Zero again! So, is it possible for you people to upload a full version of the game? or will it be hosted somewhere else?

    I don’t intend to go against your ownership rights in any way, I just want to be able to keep playing it.

  22. Tommislav says:

    During one of our playtesting sessions we used a NES controller with usb connection and Joy2Key as already mentioned. Actually enchanced the experience quite a bit =)

  23. Tommislav says:

    I’ve written a blog post about it
    If you, after March 31, cannot play anymore through Mogi Media, please try to come in contact with them so they can download a new version of the game from us.
    Thanks for playing our game.

  24. CWU-01P says:

    Even a full year later I cannot stop playing this game! It’s simply incredible! What are the chances that you all would ever release a DRM stand alone version? I just want to make sure I have a permanent copy of this game when the internet crashes!

  25. Patrik says:

    Skulle lätt köpa det här spelet på Steam om det fanns! Älskar Simon Stålenhags design hade varit kul att kunna köra med en kontroll bara!

  26. Hidden powah says:

    Thanks guys!

    I had a great time with ripple dot zero!
    Such great art and music!
    And putting it on internet for free is the icing on the cake!
    I especially loved the bonus level!

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