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We have a new shop

Have you noticed the new “shop” menu item in the top bar yet? From there you can buy the full soundtrack from Simon (including several bonus tracks from the game Operation Smash), and also get some really nice t-shirts, stickers and posters with motives from your favorite sneakers-wearing video game penguin hero. Hope you like [...]

Saturday coding fever!

Today the full team gathered at Simon’s place for a full day of Ripple Dot Zero development. I’m really excited, we have some really cool stuff in todays pipeline. For your pleasure – here is a picture of the Pixeltruss team! /Tommislav


I turned 30 last Friday, and was surprised by my colleagues with a cake which had frosting with LOLCODE-greeting on it! I am childishly fond of this programming language ever since I found out about it a few weeks ago (late as usual)! In case you haven’t heard about it before – make sure to [...]

Looking back at 2009

We are just a few hours away from a new decade, so I thought I would write a quick post about what has happened in the last year. I will not share any new content from the game, but I promise we will in a very short while. We are constantly making new progress with [...]

Pixeltruss is here!

Hey!! Welcome to our brand new blog, and the very first post. This will be a brief introduction to who we are, what we do, and why. Lets take it in that order.