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Cabin Fever!

This weekend me and Simon had a mini-camp dedicated to Ripple development. We shut ourselves inside Simons country cabin with our computers, and had a very productive time. Here are a few photos from the event. Thats all for now. Come back soon, more info about the game is coming up. See you next time!

Sneaky peeky

There’s a paparazzo in Simon’s apartment! As Simon is playing through one of the levels in Ripple Dot Zero I’m taking the opportunity to document it with my mobile camera. Well… it’s been a long day of development today =) Lets call it a sneaky preview or something, and remember that both the game and [...]

ScreenShot Saturday

Here is a screenshot from Ripple Dot Zero, which we have posted to #ScreenShotSaturday on Twitter. Click to enlarge:

Saturday coding fever!

Today the full team gathered at Simon’s place for a full day of Ripple Dot Zero development. I’m really excited, we have some really cool stuff in todays pipeline. For your pleasure – here is a picture of the Pixeltruss team! /Tommislav

Bice Courves

Nice title card in place, but we might want to change the name of the level ;-D

Developer Diary – second and third quarter 2010

Just a few words about the progress of Ripple Dot Zero, the project is still very much alive! We will probably start working more actively with this blog as we get closer to completion. Right now we are spending a lot of time on the game, and it is starting to look really nice. Backlog [...]

Ripple Dot Zero

Let me tell you a bit about our current game in progress: Ripple Dot Zero. Ripple Dot Zero is a flash game in style of some of our favorite Sega Genesis platform titles. You will play through a number of worlds as a Penguin-like creature known as Ripple, and your journey will take you past [...]