Ripple turns 2 years old! Good Bye In-Game Ads!


Today is exactly 2 years since the lauch of Ripple Dot Zero! We celebrate this by removing the in-game ads from the game.

We have a couple of reasons for removing them, other than to celebrate 2 years. Here are a couple…

  • They are horribly ugly, ruining the mood we’re trying to settle
  • They are the biggest source of bugs in the game, generating lots of crashes at startup (not aware of any other crashes in the game apart from this)
  • For the last year they have generated the impressive amount of $10.90 (keep your day job)

So from now on, enjoy a free game, free from ads, right in your browser.
If you haven’t played this game before, head over to and give that G-Blade a spin!
If you played it before, then it’s time to blow the dust off of those old sneakers on the shelf!

/Tommy and Simon


To people hosting Ripple Dot Zero!

This is a message to all portal owners or people that are hosting Ripple Dot Zero on their servers.

Mochi Media is winding down, and their servers will shut down on March 31. This will affect Ripple Dot Zero!

If you are hosting Ripple Dot Zero on your site, and the game isn’t working anymore you need to replace the link to the old game with this one: or download and replace the swf (we have zipped a package for you here:

Read more if you want some more in-depth information about why this update is nessecary

Continue Reading »To people hosting Ripple Dot Zero!

Mochi Media is going dark on March 31


At the time of writing this blog post you will see the above warning when loading Ripple Dot Zero.

This is because the company Mochi Media is shutting down. They have been providing several very useful (and free) services for flash games during the years and Ripple Dot Zero uses several of them, such as Ads, Analytics, Version handling and Hosting.

Ever since I got to know about this we’ve been working on an update to fix this before the mochi servers are taken down (which they will on March 31).

To portals or people hosting our game:
There are too many hosts, I will not be able to contact all of you with the new version (once it’s done). Instructions on how to host the new version will be available on this site.

To players:
You will be able to continue to play Ripple for free on Always.
If you play the game on a portal or site after March 31 and it doesn’t work, please email that site owner and redirect them to this site where there will be instructions on how to get a working version of the game up and running on their site agan.

To Mochi Media:
Thank you so much for all this time. Your services has meant a lot to people like me, building free flash games.
It really feels like you going marks the end of an era that I have enjoyed so much.
I whish you all the best in the future.


Interview: Pixeltruss on Ripple Dot Zero

You can now read a very extensive interview with Tommy and Simon from the Pixeltruss team, about the making of Ripple Dot Zero, on TIGSource.

It’s a very long and detailed interview where we talk about the development process, our influences, and about features that never made it to the final release – amongst other things.

Read the full article here.
We hope you enjoy it.

We have a new shop

Pixeltruss Shop

Have you noticed the new “shop” menu item in the top bar yet?

From there you can buy the full soundtrack from Simon (including several bonus tracks from the game Operation Smash), and also get some really nice t-shirts, stickers and posters with motives from your favorite sneakers-wearing video game penguin hero.

Hope you like it!

Ripple Dot Zero is live!

Today we are proud to announce that our heroic penguin, Ripple Dot Zero, has finally escaped the cage of our local developer hard drives and is now trying out his tiny wings out in the real, wide world. Will he make it? That is up to you!

Head over to and give it a go.
Who said Penguins can’t fly?
Enjoy the game, and feel free to let us know what you think about it by dropping us a line at (

//Tommy & Simon

Ripple Dot Zero



Ripple Playtesting

As the release is getting closer, Me and Simon gathered a few friends to play through Ripple Dot Zero to get some feedback on how other people are playing the game.

This was actually the first time someone outside Pixeltruss played through the entire game, so we were a bit nervous at first. But the feedback we got was really positive, and they managed to complete the game in little over two hours (if you want to find the hidden levels and rescue all your fellow penguins it’s going to take longer than that though).

Play testing session in progress

One feature we haven’t mentioned before is that Ripple supports a hardware accelerated fullscreen mode. Which looks really epic when connecting the game to the tv.

Another cool feature is the you can re-map all controls in the game, which makes it compatible with gamepads (as long as they respond to keyboard input). We used a NES controller for our playtest session which worked extremely well!

We have actually spent a good deal of this weekend to implement some of the feedback we got  from the playtest. And we are both very excited about the upcoming release.


Ripple Dot Zero gets a Release Date

We finally have a release date for Ripple Dot Zero! June 28 is going to be the big day!

Check out the launch trailer on the official Ripple site:


Ripple dot zero – developer timelapse

Last week I spent one entire day polishing the game and tracking down bugs, and during that time I had a timelapse program running in the background. It turned out to be a pretty fun (and tease-y) video since I had to jump in and out of a lot of the levels.

The music is from the game, and composed by Simon.
The game still doesn’t have an official deadline, but we’re working against an internal deadline, and as soon we can confirm it we’ll be sure to let you know.

Screenshot saturday

Having our second minicamp at Simons cabin. Polishing the final boss battle and game introduction. Things are going really smooth!

Here is a little teaser/screen shot compilation (click for full size).

Click for full size